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Commander VS – Commander VS S17E8: Reaper King VS Lyzolda VS Atraxa VS Ishkanah Jolt539 – The EDH Lounge Fright Fest – Kraum/Ludevic vs Atraxa vs The Scarab God vs Olivia Voldaren MTG Muddstah – Karador vs The Ur-Dragon vs Arcades vs Lathliss EDH / CMDR game play for Magic: The Gathering. MTG Muddstah – Prossh vs Muldrotha vs Atraxa vs Wort, the Raidmother EDH / CMDR game play. July 4, 2019 by Community Spotlight. 19/01/2018 · This is my MTG Commander/EDH build for Atraxa, Praetor's Voice! This deck is super fun to play, so many variables! AGAIN, this is not about showing off, and this deck isn't meant to soul crush. 14/11/2016 · Atraxa gives esper as well along with green, Atraxa is also just a powerful creature on her own with the 4/4 body and the 4 keywords the proliferate is just a bonus and I already own her along with a good portion of my Stax deck i have already begun building.

18/06/2019 · These lands can be useful in commander but I don't like diluting my mana base when it is so tight. There are some lands in magic that interact with Atraxa quite nicely due to their counters. We will go over the best fixing lands and some of these options here as well. Some cards are the heavy-hitting meat and potatoes. Some cards are the efficient veggies. And some cards are just gravy. Join Joey, Matt, and Dana at the dinner table as they discuss cards with amazing effects that also have a little bit of extra gravy on top that helps make them even more delicious.

10/02/2018 · Well, I technically have 2 in there with Rift and Silence the Believers. But the for the reason for no traditional wipes is that since most of the deck is a counter engine and I can play stuff fairly quick I can out tempo my opponents to the point where they are wasting all their resources dealing with me while the engine continues to go. 12/11/2016 · Good nigth people, I'm going to try Atraxa, Praetors' Voice as my next stax commander and I want some help to do it. The first card that came to my mind when I saw her was Smokestack, cards like Delay are welcomed as well. 12/11/2016 · I decided to modify my Angus Mackenzie deck to utilize Atraxa, Praetors' Voice as she is a much better general for Superfriends. I left my other thread intact as there was enough activity that I didn't want to change the whole thread.

EDH Political Science — Atraxa in a Pantsuit. February 16, 2017 by Rick Amundson. In politics, everything is a weapon to be used against you. Each picture unravels your personality, each statement twisted to abomination, and each decision you make could be your last. 30/10/2017 · Budget MTG Decks All magic fun, all cards under a dollar We here at Budget MTG Decks love playing constructed Magic: the Gathering! Whether it’s EDH / Commander, standard or modern, duel or multiplayer, we can’t get enough of it. Our vision of MTG is a game which encourages strategic thinking, social interaction and above allfun!

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